Staking System

Still working on some details. Process of creation of our Staking system is in progress and today we can finally share some details with our community.

  1. There will be 2 staking pools launched in April. Initial pool to be launched in 2 weeks time (still finalising exact date) will be a non-custodial Staking Pool, which means that you won’t have to lock your NFTs in the SmartContract. Instead, you’ll receive rewards by simply holding NFTs in your wallet on a daily basis. Rewards will be generated daily, you’ll be able to check it on special website, and become claimable at the game release in December;
  2. Total rewards for the 1st pool is 200 000 USD equivalent in IGT (in-game tokens) at the initial price of LP that will be launched the same time the lock up of IGT concludes. What does this mean for you? Amazing opportunities, because every NFT holder can benefit massively from the growth of the ecosystem as a whole;
  3. You will provide the game with an initial supply of IGT (in-game tokens). Fuelling the whole ecosystem during initial phase of game launch, making players dependant on your actions;
  4. In the coming days we will provide the table with rewards, depending on the rarity of each NFT. As well as some info graphics with potential price appreciation for tokens of the same quality games.

Community channels:

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Project Hive

Project Hive

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