Say Hello to Hive’s Art Director: Marcin Rubinkowski

Project Hive
3 min readApr 21, 2022

Friends, we are extremely pleased to finally introduce to you Project Hive’s Art Director, Marcin Rubinkowski. He is an exceptional graphic artist with experience in AAA+ titles and the artistic genius behind Project Hive’s distinctly dystopian look. Get to know him, his expansive resume spanning the videogame, film, and music video industries, and his awesomely gruesome vision for Project Hive.

Hailing from Poland, Rubinkowski completed a fellowship on “Human Psychology and Culture” from Polish University as well as a Professional Art Study at the highly rated Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, California. At Gnomon, he was hailed as “one of the best students of 2014” and was featured in the school’s prestigious gallery. With these skills and accolades in his toolkit, he set out to take over the graphic design game with some big name assignments.

His best known credit to date is as a concept artist, environment concept artist, and character designer in the multi-emmy award winning Netflix series, Love, Death + Robots. The series is a horror anthology set in various cyberpunk dystopias, and is the perfect showcase of Marcin’s futuristic, dark and exciting aesthetic.

In the world of music videos, he is credited as Art Director of the music video for Higher Power by Coldplay. He is also the devilish mastermind behind the infamous Hell segment of Lil Nas X’s impossibly popular MONTERO music video. What can we say, the man can do it all!

In the videogame industry, Marcin Rubinkowski’s accolades include concept art for the massive AAA+ title Destiny 2 from Bungie, the legendary game studio behind the Halo franchise. He also designed concepts for Ghostrunner, an action platformer produced by Slipgate Ironworks and Poland-based developer One More Level. The game received favorable reviews and a sequel is in the works. In addition to game and film giants, Bungie and Netflix, Marcin Rubinkowsky’s clients also include Blur, Nintendo, Sega, Disney, Platige Image, TVP, Televisor, Darewise, 3DTotal, and many others. In his many years of experience in the industry, he has been recognized for his outstanding efforts and has received awards from CGsociety, Artstation, Wacom and Gnomon.

Marcin Rubinkowski is in top form in Project Hive. You can see examples of his neon-drenched yet dark and atmospheric environment design, as well as character designs for playable avatars on the Project Hive Website. Marcin’s design lends itself exceptionally well to the high-tech, low-life cyberpunk aesthetic of Project Hive, which makes sense, since he is one of the top people in the industry defining what cyberpunk is. In Project Hive, this means gritty high tech designs for our playable character archetypes. You can even experience Project Hive’s gear crafting and equipping system on the game’s interactive website, where a model of our Bladerunner archetype, designed by Rubinkowski, can be equipped with gear, weapons, and all other kinds of cyberpunk swag.

As Art Director, Marcin Rubinkowski is the key team member behind the Project Hive’s aesthetic and high quality 3D assets. We are extremely pleased to have had the honor to introduce him and some of his work to you, our beloved fanbase, and we hope that you can get to know him and his art even better through Project Hive.



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