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3 min readOct 21, 2022

Less and less time remains to release the soft-launch version of Project Hive. We want to give you as much information about the game as possible so you will be prepared and have an idea of ​​what awaits you by the time of release. Today we want to talk to you about all in-game purchases and Google Play preregistration gifts.


The Project Hive soft launch is expected to be released in late October. Up to this moment, you have the possibility to pre-register on Google Play. Why are we recommending doing it? The whole thing is very simple. Every player who pre-register in advance will receive nice gifts in the game:

“CyberConstruct” avatar

“Hiverunner” title

“Dagger” Banner frame

“Concentrate” Banner pose

and awesome “Crimson” skin set!

After the release of the soft-launch version of the game, these items will no longer be available, so hurry up!

Game page on Google Play:


In order to make purchases in the game store, you will need a special game currency — Hive Governance Token (HGT).

HGT is the only in-game currency in the soft-launch version of the game. HGT can be earned in the game in several ways:

Win in the “Battle Arena” mode

Receive as a reward for achieving high results in the “Ranked Leagues” mode

Receive as a reward for reaching certain levels of the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass (Season 1)

You can spend HGT in the in-game store on various items, such as Cosmetics, Protocols, New Classes, and so on.


For those who want a chill game, we have prepared a Season Battle Pass with amazing rewards. The Battle Pass will be added soon after the game launch. Stay tuned for the exact date of BP release!

The Hive Project Battle Pass is made up of 60 levels. By earning experience points, players unlock levels and receive the rewards they are given. Each new Battle Pass level provides the player with one of the following rewards:


COSMETICS (titles, banner frames, poses, skins and more)




Players are able to purchase it in the in-game shop or get for free by staking one of the PFPs:


The starter pass will be available for all players, including all new players that come into play after the release. By completing missions and gaining experience, players can upgrade both the Starter Pass and the Season 1 Battle Pass at the same time, receiving rewards for both.

The Starter Pass is available for players all along the game until it is closed by earning the required amount of experience.

By leveling the Starter Pass, a player progressively accesses 3 basic classes (Tower, Fortune, Empress) and masters them.

That’s all for today! Remember to share your feedback on our social networks and stay tuned for more updates on Project Hive!



Project Hive

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