Joker. All-Out Assault tactics

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4 min readNov 13, 2022

Gear-set mechanics:

  • Increase Protocols Damage and make Jokes via Protocols Combos
  • Joke is a strong, accumulated buff on self and/or debuff on his enemy


  • Damage Burst
  • Short Buffs/Debuffs

Class Narrative:

Nobody knows where the prototype of this gear set came from. Appeared one day in the main HUB and named Jack. Too strange to fit in.

An unpredictable variable in every battle, Jack lived for the thrill of a worthy challenge. With his brilliant mind and an appetite for chaos, the deadly Joker always had a trick up his sleeve. He shined like a new-born star, grew high in the ranks of Hive Tower only to disappear right before the major championship.

Where is Jack now nobody knows. Rumors say he achieved the highest floor of Hive Tower and decided to retire. His equipment and tactics were so amazing, that Queen.B modified it and made it available for the general public. Of course, not everyone can afford it, because of its ridiculously high price.

General Gameplay:

A class centered around fast-paced combat. Joker’s deck allows him to show his full power most effectively in the first 3–4 rounds of combat. After that, Joker exhausts his options and becomes much less potent. The power of his Jokes and Attack Protocols drops.

The Joker is hardly built for defense and has to attack constantly to be succesful. After the 4th round, the Joker’s chances of winning against his enemy are greatly reduced.

That said, the Joker is virtually unmatched in dealing damage lightning-fast. In this regard, the basic mechanics of the class boil down to constant attacks with little-to-no defense.

Advanced players can reliably use Jokes and different buffs/debuffs Joker has at his disposal. With Utility Protocol combination, you can apply Jokes in different ways, at the same time strengthening the character and weakening the enemy.

Joker is a fairly straightforward class. Therefore, there are two main strategies to use while playing him: non-stop offensive from the start, or maximize use of Jokes at the beginning of the battle, along with combination attacks. Below, we will look at the protocol options for 1 out of 2 possible basic tactics.

All-out Assault

The Joker is one of a few classes in Hive that can defeat an opponent simply by using a series of basic attacks. This works because of the significant bonus to damage in Attack Protocol combinations.

The best Protocols for this strategy are self-sufficient Attack Protocols, the damage of which does not depend on applied Jokes.

Attack Protocols:

Defense and Utility Protocols:


In this strategy, the player’s goal is to deal maximum damage to the enemy from the very first round. It can be extremely effective against an opponent who spends the first round using Utility Protocols to buff his character.

Although this tactic is heavy on the offense, Joker will be forced to use Defense Protocols to trap the enemy, while increasing his own damage.

Don’t dismiss Utility Protocols either — they can significantly increase the damage from an Attack combo, and reduce the enemy’s defense in the current and subsequent rounds. And if you play your Protocols right, they can even inflict a few Jokes.


The tactic is most suitable against beginner players. However, it can also be effectively used against the real pros. It requires an excellent knowledge of the other classes to anticipate the enemy’s actions, put a block in time and apply Buffs or Debuffs accordingly.


Hold onto Knee Slapper Attack Protocols , which break through shields, until the 2nd or 3rd round. Use them as the last attack of the round — this way you can not only penetrate your opponent’s shield, but also deal great damage. Because of the Joker’s class mechanics, each Attack Protocol in the Combo does more and more damage.

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