How and Why to Craft Your Own Gear in Project Hive

Project Hive
3 min readApr 7, 2022

Hello Hive heads! We wanted to introduce you to our gear crafting system in Project Hive. We are exceptionally proud of this feature and can not wait to share it with you. As a little preview, in this article we will talk about what it is, how it works and detail some of its advantages over other games in the meta today. So strap in!

Crafting has been a staple of Role Playing Games (RPGs) since forever, but lately it seems like every new game has a crafting element, and there is a good reason for that. Crafting items in games gives players a sense of independence and control that they don’t get from other elements of gaming. It can be especially gratifying if the crafting complements the gameplay in a way that helps player progression.

In the blockchain gaming sphere, there is immense potential with crafting systems. Since players have complete control and ownership over their digital assets, they are more incentivized to apply themselves in crafting of items and gear. Not only that, but also the promise of an integrated gaming metaverse will allow players to take their creations across games and even use them.

Despite its obvious advantages, gear and item crafting is a bit behind the curve in the blockchain gaming world — this is where Project Hive steps in. While many games offer crafting systems, they are limited in their scope and imagination. We wanted our game to break from the monotone mold of the metaverse, our cyberpunk themed Play-to-Earn game with turn-based PvP and PvE battles allows players to endlessly craft and use NFT items in their playthrough.

In Project Hive, almost all in-game playable items are NFTs. Players of course enjoy full control and ownership of their in-game property, allowing players to create, upgrade and trade crafted NFTs to receive income and participate in the development of the game.

The game’s item crafting system is made up of three categories; CyberConstructs, which are playable characters, weapons, of which there are 12 types and 3 per class, and 4 main types of armor which fall in the following five categories: head, body, legs, hands, and feet. Weapons and armor also have intrinsic qualities that imbibe them with additional attributes and skill slots. For example, Legendary or Epic quality items will have higher quality than poor or common items.

With this backdrop, players can endlessly craft and merge their items to create ever more powerful items and upgrade their gameplay. The game’s complex merge system allows players to combine NFT items of the same name, type and of equal quality to create new items that inherit all the unique attributes of the merged items. The endless variety afforded by this feature empowers players to invest in the attributes they prefer and create truly unique builds.

Lastly, players can also apply their own designs as skins onto their items and earn from their creations. Project Hive will hold regular community voting events for player designed textures and model skins. Those receiving the most votes will be included in the game and are tradeable on the market with the designer remunerated for their work.

Our first NFT collection is now available on the market. The current collection has multiple perks for holders, including a spot on the whitelist for the upcoming exclusive CyberConstruct mint, and much much more. We recommend you don’t miss it!



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