Hive’s Battle System: The Protocol Skill System and Seasonal Arena Ladder

Project Hive
4 min readMay 27, 2022

Project Hive is a Play-to-Earn turn-based RPG game inspired by AAA titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Ghostrunner and Combats. With the power of blockchain, Hive is poised to redefine the gaming’s economic model by allowing actual ownership of in-game assets to the community.

Project Hive’s in-game economy is built by players, who can finally benefit from its success and income. It allows players to create items and skins, earn in-game currency, make decisions about the future development, trade on the open market and have fun all the way around by simply playing a very entertaining, high-quality game.

Battle System

Hive battle mechanics consist of Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs AI. (PvE). Further, the game has two different battle modes, 1v1 and 3v3 for a more user-friendly experience, in the PVP and PVE rounds.

PvP game modes:

  • Battle Arena: In this mode, players will be auto-matched with random players with identical/near-identical ratings in which the player needs to defeat all the opponents.
  • Territory Wars: This mode is played as a team where the enemy team’s checkpoints(Hive Cells) are captivated.

PvE game modes:

  • PVE chapters: The battles go on alongside a story with various chapters in this PvE battle.
  • Epic Boss Battles: 3v1 Boss PvE Battles.

Protocol Skill System:

Protocols are NFTs found in the open market and can be upgraded up to seven grades. All newly acquired Protocols have “low” grade quality. Players must win PvE battles to develop new protocols and improve existing ones. Improving these protocols will boost their characteristics and stats.

Attack Protocols:

The Attack Protocols are designed to deal with physical or cyber damage to the player’s opponent. No more than six Attack Protocols can be in the Hive Deck.

Defence Protocols:

The Defence Protocols are used as a shield to defend the player from Physical and Cyber damage. The player can have no more than six Defense Protocols in the Hive Deck.

Hive Deck

The Hive Deck consists of 30 Protocols, no more than three Regular Protocols of the same type or more than one Ultimate protocol will be in a deck.

Players select a deck of Protocols that form their Hive Deck. Each Hive Deck is unique, allowing players to try out different tactics in combat. This will ensure the uniqueness of every battle and removes the monotonous gameplay.

The Protocols are critical components in winning the fights in the Hive. However, every protocol has a different use case — some will harm or cripple adversaries, and others will protect CyberConstruct and help boost its strength. Therefore, the player needs to prepare a full deck of 30 Protocols to participate.

By progressing through PVE content and winning in PVE fights, players improve their Protocols while playing the game and performing various activities.

Protocols removed from the Hive Deck will be added to the CyberConstruct’s inventory and can upgrade other protocols or be traded on the open market.

Seasonal Arena Ladder:

During the event, any player can take part in PVP arena fights based on their ranking. The seasonal arena ladder allows players to progress by ranking tiers to the top to acquire rewards based on the leaderboard position. Therefore, the current season results will affect the starting PVP rank during the following season.

According to the season end rankings, players receive the Hive Governance Tokens (HGT) as a reward.

This ranking system is restricted to PVP arena fights, whereas players do not receive any ranking points for PVE fights and training PVP battles without energy. Therefore, their outcome does not affect the ranking system.

There are a set of conditions that the player needs to watch out for to get ranked:

PVP Rating upgrades:

  • The player wins a PvP fight;
  • The player participates in a particular PvP event and complies with its rules and conditions.

PVP Rating downgrades:

  • Whenever there is no internet connection from one of the combatants, the fight pauses for 1 minute. Suppose more than three constant disconnects from a single opponent or one frequent disconnect continue for more than 1 minute. In that case, the player fails to restore a stable internet connection with the game server.
  • The ratings will fall when the player leaves during the PvP battle.
  • The player loses a PvP fight under normal conditions.

Better Gameplay for the longevity of the game

Most of the recent blockchain games like Axie infinity, Thetan Arena, etc. have failed to engage the gamers for a long period of time and this is due to the monotonous gameplay mechanisms that the project has implemented. But Project Hive introduces various in-game mechanics and logic as discussed above to make the gameflow much more interesting. The game is also designed in a way it captivates the gamers and is engaging enough for the player to keep playing. Our main goal is to create a fun game, and we’re sure that we will deliver.



Project Hive

Play-to-Earn PvP oriented turn-based game with a clan system, high-quality NFT items and PvE content.