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5 min readOct 18, 2022

Over the last few months, our development team has worked tirelessly to create a gaming experience that meets the high standards of AAA games. Today, we would like to share with you a detailed description of what Project Hive players can expect during the soft launch phase. We hope that the combination of dynamic gameplay and excellent graphics on Unreal Engine 5 will allow you to spend time in Project Hive with as much fun as possible.


CyberConstruct is the being that represents you in the Hive. But its true might lies in its equipment. Your CyberConstruct gains an in-game class and its power as soon as you equip it with a class-specific weapon. Five pieces of armor and one piece of weapon can be equipped at a time, making a full set.


At launch, four Classes will be available — Joker, Empress, Tower and Fortune.


An unpredictable variable in every battle he’s in — Joker lives for the thrill of a worthy challenge. With his brilliant mind and an appetite for chaos, Joker always has a trick up his sleeve. Has a unique mechanic which allows to accumulate buffs on himself and debuffs on the enemy.

Are you ready for some nasty Jokes? Because Joker really wants to make you cry with laughter !


Empress is a deadly combination of grace and bloodlust. The Master of Disciples of Dusk, Empress may accumulate Gem Shards during the fight and transform them into five mighty Gems. Using the power of these gems, the Great Empress steals a drop of an ancient titan’s might. Enough to change the world around her, and obliterate the enemies’ very existence.

If you think that’s not enough, remember that the Empress also has Disciples of Dusk at her command. Use Disciple’s Mark to send them into a fight!


Among the toughest fighters in the Hive is an awe-inspiring sentinel of protection, codenamed TOWER. Built from the hardest metals, and donned in multi-layered armor from head to toe, TOWER is not unlike a moving, impenetrable fortress.

A distinctive feature of the Tower is a cumulative buff. Effectiveness of Tower is gradually increased by Elevation through Tower floors at the end of each round. Use combos, climb the tower fast to absorb all its might.

Elevate through the Tower’s floors and once you get to its top, unleash the power of your wrath on the enemy!


A simple man once. Now a gunslinger in the CyberPunk world. What can you do against ultimate power? Nothing, unless you’ve been kissed by a Goddess of Luck herself. At least that’s what rumors say.

The luckiest man alive. Who else can find a coin on the floor during a tough fight? Gathering Lucky Quarters and tossing them into the fountain of luck can bring the attention of a real Goddess to the battlefield. As long as the divine lord is watching, her view affects the whole area. The world itself changes. And no one can truly defeat her champion. At least until she gets bored.

Gather coins, accumulate your luck and don’t worry, as long as you are in favor of Goddess Fortuna. But be aware and don’t miss your chance. Her blessings won’t last forever.


Protocol System

Players must use Protocols to participate in battle. Each Protocol is unique — some damage or disable opponents, while others defend you or increase your strength.

There are four Protocol types:

● Offense Protocols deal damage to the opponent

● Defense Protocols help you to block damage from the opponent

● Utility Protocols have a variety of effects, e.g. buff or heal your character, debuff your opponents, etc.

● Passive Protocols provide passive effects to help you take advantage from the start of the battle.

If you want to make your attacks more powerful and effective, use Combos! Combinations of protocols played in a certain sequence can give you a great advantage in battle. For instance, increase your damage, weaken an opponent, and so on. Have fun and try out various tactics in combat!

Hive Deck

The Hive Deck consists of 20 protocols. Players choose a set of protocols that form their Hive Deck. Each Hive Deck is unique, allowing players to try a variety of tactics in battle.

Protocols are essential elements for winning fights in the Hive. However, each protocol has a different use case — some will harm or cripple adversaries, and others will protect your CyberConstruct and help boost its strength. Therefore, the player has to prepare a full set of 20 protocols to enter a battle.


Hive battle mechanics consist of Player vs Player and Player vs AI. Four game modes will be available in soft-launch version of the game:

Training Fight

In case you would like to test the performance of your deck in combat, you can fight in 1x1 battles with artificial intelligence. Fear not, you shall lose nothing in case of defeat. Try different tactics by changing the protocols in your Hive Deck!

Battle Arena

This game mode gives players the ability to compete in 1x1 PvP battles and earn HGT.

Ranked Leagues

If you wish to play with other players without using HGT, you may start your journey in the ranked leagues! In this mode, players will be automatically matched with random players with identical/near-identical ratings. Every win and defeat will impact your place in the ranking system. The higher your rating is, the more rewards you will receive!

There are eight leagues in Project Hive:

● Iron League

● Bronze League

● Silver League

● Gold League

● Platinum League

● Diamond League

● Hive Master League

● Legendary League

Legendary League has its own internal league ranking, which is conditionally split into divisions. Once you get into the Legendary League, you can’t go back to the previous league until the end of the season.

Prepare to become the best player in Project Hive and compete for the highest positions in the Legendary League!

Player Match

Test your decks or simply play for fun in Player Match mode! This mode does not involve HGT and has no rating system. Test your luck in 1x1 battles with other players!

That’s all for today! Remember to share your feedback on our social networks and stay tuned for more updates on Project Hive!



Project Hive

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