Criteria That Should be Factored Into Creating a Web3 Game

Project Hive
3 min readJul 28, 2022

The future of the gaming industry is definitely closely connected to Web3. But such a powerful symbiosis needs a specific approach and clear-eyed view to become successful and widely used.

Blockchain entertainment was found to be a world-changing thing. And such games as Project Hive are now at the cutting edge of the gaming sphere revolution due to their Web3 technologies and model where users play with the purpose of earning.

Unfortunately, straight advice for creating successful and fascinating memorable Web3 projects does not exist. But the industry organizes and shapes naturally. And some obvious criteria that should be factored into the process of developing a Web3 entertaining project are already clear.

Gaming Universe Essence

One of the major elements relating to the gaming world is its wealth or, more precisely, the quality of visual performance and the level of attained involvement provided by a storyline and mechanics. Video games are produced with the purpose of entertaining people. Not just providing “fun,” but to grip the attention of the audience, provoke interest and drag users in for a long time. By providing a more entertaining experience, Web3 projects will also get more attractive to the global community. Consequently, the conversion will increase to a great extent.

Another point regarding the gaming world that should be factored into the design process of each Web3 entertaining project is the ecosystem. Participants of Web3 titles are highly interested in the ability to participate in its creation. The most striking instance of the realization of such a cooperative design of the game environment is the participation of gamers in processes through user-generated NFTs.

The other significant specification is the accessibility of the game. A good case in point of the simple initiation of rookies is Project Hive which is shaking up the whole industry of Web3 game dev in 2022.

Business Features

A great number of factors should be considered in the course of game development. Free-to-play components increase the wide-scale capacity of any project. Also, it is needless to say that the amount of earning capacities should go beyond one.

Valuableness of tokens is among the most extensive business features talking about Web3 game creation. Are tokens worth something beyond being apart from the game universe? Is economics truly smart and well-thought-out? Are they interoperable with tokens of other games? What is the history of tokens’ worthiness? Are there any unique collectible NFTs available, and what is their value? In course of time, all these options are going to work upon token revaluation and public retention.

Also, game creators should consider such factors as profitable partnership and cooperation. Catching and ambitious coordination of projects can forward the brand visibility and increase the valuation of tokens.

Such marketing methods as merchandise output and advertising are tried-and-true and good for brand loyalty. Physical and digital merch allows for collaboration with other brands beyond the game universe, while advertising can be both a value generator and an attractive factor for new players.

The presence of marketplaces is also important. There should always be a way to buy or exchange funds both on the inside and beyond the game world.


It stands to reason that social media figures largely in Web3 game development in 2022. Such parameters of social media as the total amount of active followers and their engagement impact on the community that will rally around the game heavily.

A naturally grown and highly engaged network of real users on such platforms as Twitter, Telegram and Discord are the finest possible natural boost for the Web3 project performance. Games that can boast of their solid communities leave other projects behind without question.


As was already mentioned above, there are a bunch of criteria that should be considered while building a Web3 game. It is definitely not an exact science, and factors differ from one project to the other, but some ingredients for reaching success on a long-term horizon seem obvious.

Ambitious mass-market products should change their core model from the construct where users play to earn some assets. Game creators should never forget about the core priority of gaming — entertainment and that the mode where earning assets is part of the process, not the goal in Web3 projects, is much more attractive for users.



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