Collection Gathering Event UPD (04/05/2022)

💸 Complete a collection and participate in the $20,000 (SOL) raffle

How to take part:
🔹Complete any of the available collections on your wallet
🔹Hold the collection from 04/04/2022–18:00 (UTC) to 04/15/2022–18:00 (UTC)

On 04/15/2022, we will randomly select winners between the holders of the following collections:
🔸Fighter & Rising Star — $5000, split among 40 winners
🔸Black cat & Maverick — $5000, split among 20 winners
🔸Champion & Monarch — $5000, split among 10 winners
🔸Chosen One — $5000, split among 5 winners

✅ How we will check the fulfillment of the conditions:
⁃ We will make the first snapshot of the network 04/04/2022–18:00 (UTC)
⁃ We will make the last snapshot of the network 04/15/2022–18:00 (UTC)
⁃ We will also take several snapshots at random times during the event

☝🏼 ROI is calculated from the maximum number of NFTs, including those listed in marketplace and those that won’t take part in the event, cause collection requirements weren’t met. The real chance to win is higher, than mentioned in the table, especially for higher tier collections.

! Check the update

This is amazing! The chances of winning are simply excellent. In addition, there is a 100% chance in the “FIGHTER” collection. Now, the most important thing is to hold out in the conditions of the event until the very end. Pay attention, that exceeding rewards to be distributed among existing winners in corresponding collection.

Community channels:
Website l Twitter l TG chat l TG ann l Medium l Discord



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